Why Quality Inspection Is Necessary for Amazon Sellers?

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Quality inspection is an indispensable step for Amazon sellers, as it ensures that products have been inspected before shipping to avoid claims or returns due to product quality problems. If the word of mouth is bad, Amazon may ban you from selling the product and remove it from your listing, so you need to make sure the product is good enough to protect your brand. In this article, I will introduce the benefits of quality inspection and some questions frequently asked by Amazon sellers about quality inspection.

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Why Do You Need A Quality Inspection?

All manufacturing cannot be guaranteed to be 100% free of quality problems. If you find out that the product has a serious quality problem after you receive the goods, you may have to spend a lot of extra time and money to correct the error. Following is a real case from one of our visitors on our website:

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So investing in quality inspections, noting and correcting the problems before shipment, can actually save you more time and money so you can focus on growing your business. Especially for Amazon sellers, Amazon sets strict quality standards for sellers. Products will be banned from selling on Amazon if it has quality problems or safety issues.

The Benefits of Quality Inspections for Amazon Seller

While Amazon doesn’t require sellers to inspect goods before they enter the warehouse, it’s an investment that will pay you a lot in the long run. Following are 4 benefits of conducting quality inspection before entering FBA.

Ensure the Products Meet Amazon FBA Requirements

If the seller wants to deliver the goods to Amazon’s warehouse, then the products must meet Amazon’s regulations like requirements on product title, package etc. so as to avoid some unnecessary troubles due to non-compliance with the regulations. The inspector is familiar with these requirements and can check them for you before shipment to ensure the goods can be safely stored in the warehouse.

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Save Your Cost

Finding defects when your products arrive will cost you a lot of time and money to rework and fix them, and there is no guarantee that suppliers will cooperate. However, conducting quality inspection and finding defects before your product leaves the factory, you can ask the supplier to fix the problem at their expense or you refuse to pay the balance. This can reduce the time of transportation back and forth and save unnecessary costs.

Avoid Scammers

There are many scammers posing as manufacturers on platforms like Alibaba, and Amazon sellers risk being scammed if they place orders without conducting background checks. If the quality inspection service is selected, the quality inspection personnel need to go to the factory for on-site inspection. If it is a fraud, the scammer will definitely refuse to support quality inspection for various reasons, which can also show the credibility of the supplier.

Build A Good Brand Reputation

Selling defective products will not build a good brand reputation, will affect your sales to a certain extent, and you will receive a lot of negative customer feedback. What’s more, if the platform discovers that your products have quality problems, it may block your store or cancel your listing rights. If you want to scale your business, a good reputation is important.

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When we do quality inspection for Amazon sellers, they often ask the following questions that you may also be interested in.

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Should I Conduct A Quality Inspection on Each Order?

Yes, every order needs quality inspection. No manufacturer can be sure that everything they produce will meet the requirements. A defective product will ruin your reputation and give you bad reviews that you know will scare off potential buyers. Be sure to check the quality before shipment. In addition, this will put pressure on your suppliers to produce more good-quality products if they know you require quality inspection.

When Should I Require Quality Inspection of My Product?

At least, you should conduct quality inspection before shipment. The balance can be paid only after the quality inspection is passed. If your order is very large, I suggest that you also conduct quality inspection during the production process, which can help supervise the production process. Once problems are found, such as using wrong materials, they can be corrected as soon as possible, so as not to cause huge losses and delay delivery time.

What Should I Prepare for Quality Inspection?

You need to tell your supplier in advance that you require quality inspection and the supplier’s cooperation is required. Meanwhile, you need to find a reliable third-party quality inspection agent like SinoInspection at least one week in advance and tell the inspector all your quality inspection requirements or you can prepare a checklist. After the product is completed, the QC inspector can contact the factory for quality inspection.


How to Deal with A Failed Quality Inspection?

If your product fails the quality inspection, you can ask the supplier to repair or reproduce, but keep in mind that you’ll have to conduct a second-time quality inspection later to make sure it’s up to par.


Selling substandard products can result in you being suspended or even banned from selling on Amazon, so quality inspection is essential for Amazon sellers. If you want to know more about quality inspection service, you can contact us for further discussion.

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