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abraham quinones sm.png
Abraham Quinones

My first supplier stole $15k. My now verified supplier has saved me over$45k.

curtis coney sm.png
Curtis Coney

Since finding my supplier I’ve visited several times and now enjoy a great friendship. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else.

halbweis nicole sm.png
Halbweis Nicole

In my first business I spent months trying to source a good supplier. In the end i got an average one. This time round I had a good supplier within weeks. Wow!

Find Your Supplier!

Answers to Your Questions

Why use a verified supplier?

Suppliers lie and exaggerate their services, often posing as well established companies when in reality they have 3 employees in a garage basement.

Does Alibaba vet its suppliers?

Sometimes. Alibaba is one of the biggest trading platforms in the world. It cannot vet all its suppliers or do so to a reasonable standard (hence why Sino exists).

Doesn’t Alibaba give me this info for free?

No. Alibaba gives you limited information disclosed by the supplier. Often suppliers lie (even when Alibaba ‘validates’ them) and this requires a dedicated validation process investigating company records in depth.

Does Trade Assurance cover against bad suppliers?

In theory, yes. But suppliers are skilled at knowing how to dodge Alibaba’s fines and some companies simply disappear. Also, Trade Assurance is a long process that taxes time and energy. It’s better to know your supplier is good beforehand.

Can I select a supplier based on samples?

No. Samples are generally always good. To save costs bad suppliers later cut the order quality and substitute materials.

When should I order a Supplier List?

We recommend that you request a supplier list once you have a complete product specification (Template 1A). You should not request a supplier list before this, as you cannot submit a Request for Quotation (RFQ) without one.

Based on what criteria do you source suppliers?

Supplier selection is based on publicly available company information. This includes registered capital, certification, test reports, and product scope. We will also contact the suppliers asking for proof of their capability, and apply different criteria depending on the product category and industry.