Terms of Service​

Please make sure you have read and accepted these terms of service before submitting your application.

SinoInspection is an online service provided by Suzhou Haichen Xinsheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. Our Unified Social Credit Code is 91320594MA20DYJ72F

You understand that as necessary we may update these terms of service without prior notice. Last updated: 17 December 2019.

1. Interpretation

1.1 Definitions

“we” means Suzhou Haichen Xinsheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. a company registered in Suzhou, China, and “us” and “our” are to be construed accordingly.

“you” means the individual, company or other organization who is accepting these terms, and “your” is to be interpreted accordingly.

“the Service” means our SinoInspection service.

“the Report” means a customized report provided by us to you when you use our Service.

“the Site” means any webpage located on or under the domain “sino-souzouweb.com”.

“the Subject” means the item you would like to check (for example, a company, a product, an individual), as submitted by you on the Site to be the subject of the Report.

“PayPal” is an independent e-commerce business which provides online payment facilitation services to Suzhou Haichen Xinsheng Network Technology Co., Ltd.

2. Payment

2.1 Payment Terms

If you make a payment to us, you agree to these Payment Terms.

When you use the Service, you agree that we may communicate with you electronically any important information regarding your purchase(s).

To use the Service, you are required to make the necessary payment to us in advance of any work commencing on the Report. We will not commence work on the Report until your application has been accomplished and payment received in full.

2.2 Payment Method

We only accept pre-payment for our Service(s).

This payment can be via PayPal as accessed through the Site upon submission of the application form.

We are not to be held responsible for any inaccuracies or problems encountered as a result of a breakdown, delay or malfunction of PayPal’s system.

In certain circumstances our payment terms and payment method may be modified at the discretion of our management team.

2.3 No refunds

Since the Reports are non-tangible irrevocable goods, we do not, in principle, issue refunds once the order is accomplished. You are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing the Report at the Site.

In circumstances where information about the Subject was unavailable and could not be delivered in the Report, at our discretion, we may offer a partial refund.

Also, at our discretion, we may accept your modifications to the information submitted (for example, information about the Subject) in the event that work on the Report has yet to commence.

3. The Report

3.1 Use of the Report

We are the owner of all Intellectual Property Rights in the Report. This material includes, but is not limited to, the content, design, layout, look, appearance and graphics.

You may use the material in the Report for your personal reference or for the reference of your business or organization, but for no other purpose.

You must not show or pass any of the materials from the Report to anyone who is not under your control or who is not restricted to using it on your behalf, without first obtaining written permission to do so from us.

3.2 Processing Time

We aim, but cannot guarantee, to provide the Report to you within the “turnaround time” specified on each service’s specification, only once your application has been accomplished and payment received in full.

“Turnaround time” is defined as an official working day in Suzhou, China excluding Saturdays or Sundays. Note we do not work on public holidays in Mainland China.

Turnaround times may be subject to delays for factors which include, but are not limited to:

  • difficulties identifying the Subject’s Chinese name
  • temporary unavailability/shut down of necessary online resources

Although we endeavor to have alternative resources in place and will respond to these urgencies with reasonable care and skill, we hope you will be understanding in the event of any unavoidable delays and we will notify you by email once a situation which might lead to any delay is identified.

3.3 Exclusion of Assurances

The Report sets out publicly available information obtained by us from third party sources about the Subject and other relevant information. Although all due care is taken to ensure the accuracy of information provided, we cannot guarantee with absolute finality the validity or accuracy of the information presented.

Unless specifically stated by us, we have not audited or investigated the financial status of the products/services provided by the Subject, and thus the Report should not be understood to be any kind of endorsement as to the Subject’s financial position or business capabilities.

We prepare the Report for and only for you and actions taken by you subsequent to receiving the Report shall be understood to be the result of your decision alone.

We do not accept or assume any responsibility or accept any liability for or in connection with any purpose for which the Report may be used, or to any other person to whom the Report is shown or in to whose hands it may come.

3.4 Language

The Report will be prepared in English language.

We reserve the right to create content and promote our services in other languages. In the event of any disputes, the English language version of our service specifications will take precedence.

4. Complaints

We are committed to high levels of customer service and to satisfying the demands of our customers.

4.1 Non-delivery of the Service

We do not guarantee the reliability of the Site or any online network through which the Report or any other information, messages or instructions are transmitted to and from. In the event that we become aware of any problems arising, we will contact you to find an alternative method for transmission of information.

4.2 Handling of Complaints

We will handle your complaints in a professional and courteous manner and take reasonable measures to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

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