China Sourcing Company
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Dedicated Sourcing Service for Small Business Owners and Drop-shippers

China Sourcing Company
You Can Count On

Whether you are looking to outsource Consumer Goods or Industrial Components from China, Our team is adept at sourcing products in China and well placed to help you with your sourcing needs.


Traders always want to make huge profits from price differences, and manufacturers are hard to find. Buying products from China when you are not familiar with the language and situation is challenge.

Many e-commerce store owners need a solution that can both save them time and money.

We are more familiar with the situations in China, so we can help you buy from sources where prices are lower than and AliExpress.


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Increased Profit Margins

We do not make profits from mark-ups. We help you find qualified suppliers in China from various channels and can include you in the price negotiation process if you want to. We simply charge you service fees.

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Free warehouse

Before being shipped to your desired location, your products can be kept in our warehouse for free. If you are a drop shipper who wants to cut out unnecessary intermediary shipping fees, we can help you store the products and ship them directly to your customers.

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Custom Branding and Photography

We can help you put on customized logos and do packaging for your products to help you save time. Time is money. We can also help you take white-background product photography for free so that you can upload the products to your online store as soon as possible.

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Quality Inspection & Shipment

We can help you inspect product quality before they are shipped out. If you are importing products in traditional ways, we can help you arrange shipment upon your request. If you are a dropshipper, we can automatically grab orders from your online store with our ERP system, and ship them out once customers make purchases.

How It Works

01 Product Sourcing

  • We help source your desired products from China at wholesale prices in 1-2 working days.
  • Mostly, efficiency-wise, we will look for suppliers of your desired products on online B2B wholesale platforms such as where prices are transparent and low enough. If you have special needs, we can also help you source products from factories, or real-world wholesale markets.
  • We will not make profits from price differences and can include you in the price negotiation process if you want.
  • In China, where the business competition is increasingly fiercer, and the development of e-commerce business is increasingly fast, wholesale products can be bought in very small quantities at no obviously higher prices.
  • This is perfect for start-up e-commerce business owners or drop-shippers who don’t want to invest too much money first.

02 Free Warehouse & Quality Inspection

  • We can help you receive the products from the suppliers, inspect the qualities, and store them in our own warehouses until they are shipped out.
  • No extra warehousing fees are needed. We store the products for you for free, unless your products are giant heavy types of machinery.
  • We will do the general quality inspection for you, but your suppliers may have their own return policies for different products. We will inform you of their return policies, and return defective products for you based upon the pre-agreed defect percentages.

03 Free Photography and Labelling

  • You may need photos of products for your online store. We will take pictures for you upon your request. These will be simple pictures of products on a white or transparent background. If you need models or special settings for your product pictures, please contact us for extra fees.
  • Your products may come with other stores’ logos, logos, and receipts if you dropship from AliExpress. Or, you want to save time in labeling and packaging as a traditional importer. We can help you put your own store’s logo, label, and receipts on products. The labeling service is free, but the labels and logo stickers need extra fees. The prices may differ according to the quantities of labels, but generally, the prices will not be too high.

04 Order Receiving & Shipment

  • With your permission, we can receive orders automatically from your online store with our ERP system. The system supports Shopify, Shopee, AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce, Wish, Etsy, and 25 other e-commerce systems or platforms.
  • Upon getting an order from your online store, we can ship out products for you.
  • Shipping fees for each product will be charged separately. We will send you bills of the shipping fees and after receiving the payment, we will ship your product to your customer. An estimate of shipping fees to all countries will be given to you before we start sourcing the products so that you can know whether it is profitable enough. Normally, the shipping fees will be similar to those on AliExpress. They are shipping their products from China too.
  • If you are importing products to your own country, we can help you arrange shipment upon your request.


Product Value

Less than $2,000

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