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1. A PDF Report of Registration Information, Company Structure, and Detailed Legal & Reputational Background
2. A Report about the Company’s Lies on its Website
3. Extra Free Verification Service of One Certificate
4. One-year Free Notification Service about Changes of the Company
5. A Private Lifetime Friend to Answer All Your Questions about China


What’s Included in This Report

1. Business Registration Information

  • Registered Phone Number
  • Registered Email
  • Registered Website
  • Former Name
  • Commercial Registration No.
  • Legal Representative
  • Registered Capital
  • Paid-in Contribution
  • Industry
  • Date of Establishment
  • Number of Employees
  • Scope of Business
  • Key Personnel
  1. Name
  2. Title
  3. Number of related enterprises

2. Change Records

  • Items Changed
  • After Change
  • Change Date
  • Before Change

3. Company Structure & Shareholders

  • Branches
  1. Name
  2. Responsible Person
  3. Operation Status
  4. Records of Breaking Promises
  • Final Beneficiary
  1. Name of Final Beneficiary
  2. Shareholding Ratio
  3. Equity Chain
  • Holding Enterprise
  1. Name
  2. Ratio of Investment
  3. Equity Chain
  • Information on Shareholders
  1. Name
  2. Type of Shareholder
  3. Amount of Investment Subscribed
  4. Ratio of Investment
  5. Number of related enterprises
  • Information of Suspected Actual Controller
  1. Name
  2. Total Equity Ratio
  • Investment of the Enterprise in Other Companies
  1. Registration No.
  2. Company Name
  3. Legal Representative
  4. Registered Capital
  5. Ratio of Investment
  6. Operation Status
  7. Records of Breaking Promises
  • Information on Legal Representative
  1. Legal Representative’s Investment
  2. Legal Representative’s Employment Status

4. Detailed Legal & Reputational Background

  • Dishonest Persons Subjected to Enforcement
  1. Case No.
  2. Executive Court
  3. Amount of Money Involved
  4. Date
  • 10 Latest Legal Cases
  1. Cause of Case
  2. Amount of Money Involved
  3. Date
  4. Identify in Case
  5. Executive Court
  • Judicial Sale
  • Restraining Order on Daily Expenditure
  • Freezing of Equity
  • Police Filing Information
  • Abnormal Operation
  • Serious Violation of Law
  • Chattel Collateral
  • Administrative Penalty
  • Illegal Taxation
  • Penalty for Environmental Protection
  • Information on Liquidation
  • Land Mortgage
  • Simple Cancellation
  • Service by Publication
  • Announcement of Tax Arrears

5. Financial Information

  • Information on Annual Report*
  1. *Note: Companies in China are legally allowed to choose not to publicize their financial situations, so detailed financial information is rarely available.
  • Tax Credit
  • Financing Information

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    Suad from Wigan, United Kingdom

    Did not know there is an Official List of Dishonest Persons in China. Very impressive.

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    Charles Martin from Indiana, United States

    Really excellent work. Very impressed with the speed, high-quality and client-centricity of your service. I am highly confident our client will feel the same too. Thank you very much!

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    Thanks for the fast info. regards

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    Madis from Harjumaa, Estonia

    Thank you for the report! It was really quick work!

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    Ridhiwan Mbwambo from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

    Thanks for the report. I real appreciate. Am going to work on the issue you outlined.

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    Karl Magnus from Fredrikstad, Norway

    Third-time order. Always helpful.

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    Charles Culmer from Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

    Many thanks. I am now ordering a second report.

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