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What We Will Deliver

  1. A PDF Report of Overall Credit Rating, Registration Details, Shareholders, Branches & Change Records
  2. A Report about the Company’s Lies on its Website
  3. Extra Free Verification Service of One Certificate
  4. One-year Free Notification Service about Changes of the Company
  5. A Private Lifetime Friend to Answer All Your Questions about China

What’s Included in This Report

1. Business Registration Information

  • Registered Phone Number
  • Registered Email
  • Registered Website
  • Former Name
  • Commercial Registration No.
  • Legal Representative
  • Registered Capital
  • Paid-in Contribution
  • Industry
  • Date of Establishment
  • Number of Employees
  • Scope of Business
  • Key Personnel
  1. Name
  2. Title
  3. Number of related enterprises

2. Change Records

  • Items Changed
  • After Change
  • Change Date
  • Before Change

3. Company Structure & Shareholders

  • Branches
  1. Name
  2. Responsible Person
  3. Operation Status
  4. Records of Breaking Promises
  • Final Beneficiary
  1. Name of Final Beneficiary
  2. Shareholding Ratio
  3. Equity Chain
  • Holding Enterprise
  1. Name
  2. Ratio of Investment
  3. Equity Chain
  • Information on Shareholders
  1. Name
  2. Type of Shareholder
  3. Amount of Investment Subscribed
  4. Ratio of Investment
  5. Number of related enterprises
  • Information of Suspected Actual Controller
  1. Name
  2. Total Equity Ratio
  • Investment of the Enterprise in Other Companies
  1. Registration No.
  2. Company Name
  3. Legal Representative
  4. Registered Capital
  5. Ratio of Investment
  6. Operation Status
  7. Records of Breaking Promises

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    Torsten.S from Dusseldorf, Germany

    Thank you very much for this very insightful background investigation and information! I did not know that there is a list of dishonest persons.

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    firstmediaservice from Attiki, Greece

    Thank you very much for your valuable help.

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    Anu Massey from London, United Kingdom

    Thank you so much. This is really helpful. I will definitely use your service again if the need arises. Many thanks again!

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    Adrian Wolf from Ampthill, United Kingdom

    Many thanks for your report. I’m impressed and will certainly use you again in the future.

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    Max Mueller from Wisconsin, United States

    Thank you, this information has been very helpful!

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