China Product Inspection Service

Making Sure Your Suppliers Meet Your Expectations

Properly monitoring the quality of the products you outsource in China is close to impossible if you are thousands of miles away. Our Quality Inspection Services provide you with a cost-effective method to make sure that you are receiving what you expect and reduce expensive errors that would only be visible once the products are shipped.


On-site Factory Audit

Why Do It

- To get the real situation of a Chinese factory to avoid scams with pictures or videos taken by us.

- To make sure the certificates, company size, staff scale, assets, quality control system, R&D capability, etc. are real and the same as what the factory tells you.

When To do It

Before you place orders, we send auditors to your possible supplier’s factory to do the inspection.

What's Included

1. Registration background check Supplier & Facility Name Determination, Contact details, Licenses, Legal status, etc. with photos taken on-site.

2. Assets, facility & production line check Number and situation of equipment, machines, warehouses, and other facilities.

3. Employee, staff scale, organization structure check On-site photos of employees and office environs.

4. Quality control system check, Quality control certificates check, and on-site quality control management systems check.

During Production Inspection

Why Do It

- To make sure the quality is as good as promised.

- To correct mistakes before too many defective products are made.

- To get informed of the possible defect percentage.

- To check the progress to avoid possible delays.

When To do It

When 25% - 50% of your desired products are made.

What's Included

  1. Production progress.
  2. Quantity of finished products
  3. Styles & colors.
  4. Artworks & labels.
  5. Dimensions & weight.
  6. Shipping marks.
  7. Packaging.
  8. Function, performance, durability, or safety tests.
  9. Your other requirements.

Pre-shipment Inspection

Why Do It

- To make sure the quality is as good as promised before making the final payment.

- To make sure labeling and packaging are correct.

- To be informed of possible defect percentage.

- To avoid disputes later.

- To adopt corrective actions before wasting more time and money.

When To do It

When the production is completed.

What's Included

  1. Quantity.
  2. Styles & colors.
  3. Artworks & labels.
  4. Dimensions & weight.
  5. Shipping marks.
  6. Packing & Packaging.
  7. Packaging.
  8. Function, performance, durability, or safety tests.
  9. Your other requirements.

Container Loading Supervision

Why Do It

- To make sure the right products are loaded and not replaced.

- To make sure the quantity, labeling, and packaging are right.

- To make sure the shipping condition is proper.

- To avoid future disputes.

When To do It

Whenever a container for your desired products is loaded.

What's Included

  1. Verifying the number of products loaded.
  2. Validating the conformity of products.
  3. Checking the packaging, labeling, and shipping mark.
  4. Examining the quality of export cartons and containers.
  5. Supervising the loading process.
  6. Verifying that the export cartons are placed properly.
  7. Checking the shipping documents.


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