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Is a scam? No, MIC (Made-in-China or 中国制造网) itself is not a scam but the suppliers on the website are not sure. MIC is a legally registered company that has been operating for more than 20 years since 1996. It is a large online B2B sourcing marketplace like Alibaba. But why some users still regard MIC as a scam?

Here are some negative remarks from buyers about their bad experience on

scam 1

scam 2

scam 3

From the pictures above, we can learn that there are many problems concerning low quality, bad after-sale service, dishonest suppliers, and so on.

What are the causes of these problems?

1. The first cause is the casual registration process on Made-in-China (or 中国制造网).

  • Find the registry entry on the page and click.

find the page

  • Fill in membership information.

fill in information

After filling in the information, click the “注册” button.

  • Provide more information about the company.

provide information

From the process, we can see that it is very easy to register and become a member of suppliers. After registration, suppliers may be required to upload their business license. Finding a real business license for a Chinese company is easy in China. Take the search results of Baidu (China’s largest search engine) as an example. The following picture is the searching result. You can see how many real pictures of Chinese business licenses were found:

pictures on baidu

2. The second cause is its unconvincing “diamond grade supplier” system.

As one user complained about why the site still gave diamond grades to dishonest merchants. So, does a diamond grade mean a good supplier?

not good supplier

The answer is no. This is because MIC implements a membership fee system which becomes the main source of its income. So, the salesmen of the website will try their best to help the members to pass the audit. Though the Chinese companies on the website need to upload their business licenses, it doesn’t mean they are qualified. As a result, some suppliers with low-quality products still can have diamond grades.

3. No Detailed Background Survey on Suppliers.

Through the registration, we can see that there is no detailed background survey conducted on companies. For example, some suppliers are just trading companies though claiming they are manufactures; some suppliers may boast their employees are high-end talents, but in fact, those are just simple operators; some may be in trouble with claims and lawsuits and etc. The examples mentioned above can explain why the product quality, shipment time, and so on cannot be ensured.

Above all, MIC is not a scam and its management system needs to be improved. If we want to avoid scams on MIC, detailed convey on the target supplier cannot be omitted. This is where we can help.

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