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To ensure that the product meets the requirements, quality inspection is necessary. An On-site quality inspection can be conducted by the buyer or a third-party inspection agent. The inspector usually carries out a pre-determined checklist based on product specifications. Therefore, it is very important to confirm the checklist before quality inspection, which is the basis of testing. The following is a quality inspection checklist sample from SinoInspection, and you can download it for reference.​

Contact us for complete quality control check list.

Objects to be inspected can be materials for production, semi-finished products, or finished products before they are shipped to the customer.

Why Quality Inspection Is Necessary?

  • Ensure the products are standard before making the balance

Once you’ve paid balance payment, you can’t get it back. Moreover, after getting the balance payment, the enthusiasm of suppliers will decrease, and they may not get a positive response though problems discovered. Therefore, in order to avoid losses, balance payment can be paid only on the premise that the product quality meets the requirements through quality inspection.

  • Avoid unnecessary damage caused by receiving a pile of useless products

If you fail to conduct quality inspection, you may have the risk of receiving a batch of defective goods that do not meet the requirements. These products may not be marketable at all.

  • Reduce the cost of shipping back to suppliers for nonconforming products

As mentioned above, even if defective products can be shipped back to the supplier, you may have to pay a large amount of shipping costs.If these problems are discovered before shipment, these costs can be completely avoided.

  • Prevent wasting time and losing customers

Quality inspection ensures that the delivered products can be sold directly to your customers, reducing the risk of losing customers due to long-time wait.


Tips For Booking Quality Inspection

If you want to book a third-party quality inspection, please keep the following tips in mind.

Finding A Reliable Quality Inspection Agent

Before booking a quality inspection, you’d better conduct a background check on the agent to figure out whether the target agent is reliable or not.

Book At Least 10 Days Ahead

You need to make sure that there is enough time for the quality inspection agent to confirm factory address and checklist.

Clarify the Charge And Quality Inspection Type


Under normal circumstances, the charge standard of the quality inspection agent is $300 per day, including transportation fee. You can use this standard as a reference.

Inspection Type

  • Full Inspection refers to the inspection of each product of the batch of goods. It is generally applied to important, critical and valuable products.
  • Sampling Inspection refers to the random selection of a small number of products from a batch of products (samples) for testing. It is suitable for large quantity products with relatively stable quality characteristics.

According to the different quality inspection times, it can be divided into the following three types:

  • Pre-production Inspection: Sometimes inspection can be carried out for materials or parts before production to reduce quality risk. Pre-production inspection is suitable for custom and complex products
  • In-production Inspection: Usually, the first batch of products will be used as samples for in-production testing. If problems are raised at this stage, the factory can take some corrective actions immediately to avoid delays. But in practice, in-production product testing is rarely used, even though it can be very valuable. Because it needs a trained technician to reliably detect errors in an unfinished product.
  • Pre- Shipment Inspection: it is the most common quality inspection type. And it usually takes place when all the products are finished and are ready to ship.

You can choose the right quality inspection method according to the characteristics of the products and your own requirements.

What If the Quality Inspection Fails?

When your product does not pass the quality inspection, the following actions can be taken depending on whether the product can be repaired or not.

Products Are Repairable

  • Analyze the discrepancy and ask the supplier to repair the products.
  • Inspect the rework process to ensure the fixes are correct.
  • After repairment, you can conduct another round of quality inspection. And ask the supplier to pay for the follow-up quality inspection.

Products Are Unrepairable

  • Ask for a refund
  • If your supplier refuses a refund, legal action can be taken if necessary.


Quality inspection is an essential part for receiving qualified products. If you want to find a reliable and professional quality inspection agent, here is a recommendation for you:

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