Import from China Tutorial 09: Stages of Production


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After your supplier receives the deposit, the production process starts to move into the right place. It is the most important process in importing from China. And this article will introduce all the things you need to know about it.

Order Confirmation

You’d better double-check the order information with your supplier before starting mass production to reduce the risk of misunderstanding. Such as specifications, materials and so on. For this part you may refer to the information terms listed in the production manual previously.

Production Process

The production process may vary according to different products, but the general production process mainly includes the following parts. Understanding the production process can help to judge the supplier’s production efficiency.

  • Purchase components & materials: It may take the supplier 10-20 days to purchase the materials needed for production from the subcontractors.
  • Process components & materials: The process is usually done indoors and takes 10-15 days to finish.
  • Batch sample completed: It may takes 1-3 days for the first batch sample.
  • Assembly:This process usually takes 5-8 days
  • Packing: It takes 1-2 days to finish packing

The above production process is only for the general situation, if there are other circumstances such as the need for injection mold, then the production time will increase accordingly.


How to Inspect Production Process?

Keep inspecting the production process can detect and correct many errors in time to prevent greater losses. If you want to monitor the production process, please take the following measures.


Get Batch Samples

You may have received the sample placing a formal purchase order to your supplier, but it is still highly recommended to ask your supplier to finish a number of products for the first batch sample then send the first batch samples to you. After your approval, mass production can begin. Although this requirement may temporarily halt the production process as you need time to receive the samples, it is your last chance to find out what is wrong with the product before mass production. If you wait until the end of production, you will not only lose money, but also a lot of time. So take this process seriously.

Require Regular Updates

You can ask your suppliers to report production progress to you on a regular basis, which puts pressure on your suppliers to some extent to ensure that your products can be finished on time. At the same time, it is also helpful for you to make an appointment for quality inspection.

Require Photos and Videos

Many product quality problems are caused by the lack of understanding of production requirements. In order to prevent this, you can ask your suppliers to send you photos and videos of the products to confirm that the products are matching the following requirements which could have been mentioned in the product specification:

  • Design
  • Labels
  • Dimensions
  • Functions
  • Quality

The sooner you find out the problems, the easier your supplier will be able to fix it. Both you and your supplier will benefit from it.


Monitoring the production process is very important since it can help you find problems and solve them in time to avoid suffering greater losses.

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