Import from China Tutorial 01: Why and How to Write A Product Specification

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If you want to import a custom-designed (OEM) or a private (ODM) label product, you need to clearly convey your requirements and explain the product details to your Chinese suppliers. You can specify all materials in product specification sheet to make your suppliers better understand what products you want them to produce.

What Is A Product Specification

A product specification is a blueprint for a product that outlines what product you are going to make, what it will look like, and its specific requirements and functions. Any information about the product can be included in the product specification, and the clearer the better.


Why You Need A Product Specification

Creating a qualified product specification sheet can be a tedious task, but it can give you the following benefits:

It Helps Manufacturers Better Understand Your Need

Many quality issues arise from misunderstanding, and a well written product specification could effectively explain the final product you want to the manufacturer. It’s impossible to get desirable product if they don’t clearly know what you want.

You Can Get More Precise Quote

When a product can be made from different grades and qualities of materials, its production costs can vary greatly. Whether regulatory compliance or certificates are required, and how you want the product to be packaged, also greatly increase the cost of production. Writing all of your requirements on the specification will help the manufacturer to be more certain of the cost on their side so that they can provide more accurate quotes.

It Is Essential for Quality Control and Inspection

When manufacturers and quality inspectors check the quality at all stages of production, how do they determine whether a product is up to standard? The basis is the product specification. Because they will have a clear product specification in their hands, describing all the data, measurements, and optionally providing an approved sample as a reference to the required product, which can be used as a criterion for judging.

It Helps Resolve Disputes

If a manufacturer have signed a contract with a properly written product specification attached, it would be easy to determine who is responsible for the loss if the production goes wrong.

How to Write a Product Specification?

You need to create a document per product, and a well written product specification sheet should include the following information:

Product Overview

You can list all information about the product itself including:

  • Materials: You need to specify the materials required for each part of the product. In order to prevent the occurrence of shoddy suppliers, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of the materials you need. If you want to know more about material and component selection options, you can ask us to send you a complete material guide.
  • Colors: Common color systems are the Pantone Color System and RAL color System, but there are also different series in these two systems. Different suppliers may use different color ranges, so you need to mark your color range clearly to avoid errors.
  • Dimensions: Generally, the measurement in China is the metric system, namely mm, cm, m. So in order to make your product specifications more accurate, please try not to use inch as the measurement.
  • Weight: Grams or kilograms are usually used to measure the weight of a product or the density of a product or material.
  • Regulations/ Standards: You need to specify the standards applicable to the product, such as REACH standards in EU.
  • Quantity: Specify the number of each part.
  • Type: OEM or ODM.


TermsProduct AProduct BProduct C
Type (OEM/ODM)
Regulations/ Standards

Tip: If you are not familiar with the product, you can check the product description on some shopping websites to determine the relevant product specifications and quality information. Here are some websites for you to choose from:

Design Files

If your products are customized, design files are needed. Also, if you want to use your own logo, remember to send them to your suppliers and express your requirements in detail.

Design Drawing

Product Pacgaging

You must specify how the final products should be packaged as well as the signs and labels on the package.


Outer cartons
Outer print
Inner cartons

Reference Samples

A reference sample could help the manufacturer understand your requirement on the quality, color and other attributes of the material. It could also be used as a reference during quality control. Note that it’s only a complement to the product specification.


A well written product specification can help your supplier better understand what kind of products you want. It can also make your import process more smooth and reduce unnecessary losses due to misunderstandings.

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