How to Find A Sourcing Agent When Importing from China — 6 Must-Ask Questions

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If you are a newbie at importing from China, or just want to enjoy an easy importation, then finding a sourcing agent will be a wise choice for you. In this article, I will tell you why and how to find a good sourcing agent in China.

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Why Do You Need A Sourcing Agent?

If you want to import from China, you can find a sourcing agent to help you for the following benefits.

Improve Sourcing Efficiency

As a local sourcing agent in China, they know more about the industrial distribution of Chinese products than you do. Thus , they can easily find a direct manufacturer to buy high-quality products at a low price. This greatly reduces the time to pick a suitable supplier and is more efficient than doing it yourself.

Smooth Communication

Some Chinese manufacturers are not targeting overseas markets, so they may not speak English. If you can’t speak Chinese and your prospective supplier doesn’t speak English, the deal won’t go through. But a sourcing agent usually has such personnel on hand, not just in English, but in other languages. They can help smooth communication between you and your suppliers.

Get Lower Price

In general, experienced sourcing agents always have their own long-term cooperative suppliers. If the products you want are just included in the categories they are specialized in, then through a sourcing agent you will certainly get a lower price than you can get by yourself.

Guard Your Importation

A sourcing agent will verify suppliers to ensure they are reliable. At the same time, they can supervise the production process to ensure that the goods can be completed on time. You can also ask them to conduct quality inspection for you if they can. All these can make your importation from China safer.

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How to Find A Reliable Sourcing Agent in China?

You can find a lot of sourcing agent if you Google it, but how to find a reliable sourcing agent? Following are 6 must ask questions for you to choose a right sourcing agent.

1. An Individual Or A Company?

You’d better cooperate with a company instead of an individual. Though many individuals are experienced in sourcing products from China, it ‘s still very risky to pay your money into an individual account instead of a company’s bank account. When something goes wrong in the future or the person you have been working with quits the job and the prerson just disappears, then you have no way to protect your own interests.

2. Which Product Categories Are You Specialized In?

Different sourcing agents will be good at sourcing different kinds of products. For example, a sourcing agent good at sourcing electronic equipment will be different from the sourcing agent that is good at sourcing baby clothes, since the key points in sourcing are quite different. Ideally, you can find a sourcing agent that is good at sourcing the products you’re looking for.

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3. How Long Have You Been Working As A Sourcing Agent?

You will certainly want to cooperate with an experienced sourcing agent rather than a start-up company. Because more experience means the sourcing agent has more resources. Meanwhile, you can ask the sourcing agent to provide you with some real cases of how they successfully helped other clients import from China.

4. How Do You Vet the Factory?

You need to ask the sourcing agent how they can make sure that the factory they found is qualified. A good sourcing agent should have a factory audit checklist and a quality inspection checklist to vet the factory’s production capability, product quality and delivery schedule.

5. How to Charge Your Service?

Service fee is also an important consideration when choosing a sourcing agent. You should know if their service charge is a fixed one-time fee or a percentage calculation based on the order value. It is not absolutely true that one way is better than the other, you can choose according to the actual situation.

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6. What Does Your Service Include?

As I mentioned service fee above, the lower the better is not the case. You also need to know what the fee includes. Because some sourcing agents just do sourcing, do not provide quality inspection, factory inspection and shipping services. If you need them to help you with quality inspection, factory inspection or shipping, then you may need to find a third-party agent to help you which will be more expensive than a sourcing agent that contains these services. Ask them in detail as much as you can, then you won’t be surprised at if the sourcing agents charge you for other services.

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If you are thinking about importing products from China, finding a suitable sourcing agent is a critical step to your success. If you want to know about about sourcing from China, please feel free to contact us for help since our company is also a professional Chinese sourcing agent.

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