How to Get Your Money Back from Chinese Suppliers

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In international trade, the most important thing is to keep your money safe.

But if you have already been scammed and want to get your money back, what can you do?

In this article, I will demonstrate to you some ways that may be helpful.


How to Get A Refund From Suppliers in China?

If you are not satisfied with the products you received and want to ask your Chinese supplier for a refund, what can be done? Check the contract you have signed with your supplier, then find whether there are items for a refund. If there is a refund policy in the contract, and your Chinese supplier refuses to do it, the best way is to seek legal help. You should find a lawyer to help you file an official lawsuit in mainland China.

But what if there are no certain clauses in the contract?

You can take the following steps.

1. Confirm whether you are responsible for the quality discrepancy.

Under common CIF/FOB trade terms, the responsibilities of the buyer and the supplier are different.

For example, in FOB terms, the supplier’s responsibility for the quality of the goods ends at the point of loading. After that, any risk of damage to the goods in transit would be the buyer’s responsibility. So you need to make sure that what is your trade term? Did the quality defect occur before or during shipment? The buyer should approach the insurance company that undertakes the shipment instead of the supplier to claim for the damage caused in the course of transit.

If you are sure it is the supplier’s fault, then you can start applying for a refund.

2. Collect evidence to prove that the problem of goods is on the supplier’s side. At the same time, all the information related to the trade should be prepared.

3. Hire a professional law firm to sue your supplier and get your money back through legal means.

The methods mentioned above are just for usual cases. If you encounter frauds, such as mail fraud, and get your money scammed by a fraudster coming from nowhere ( if you want to know more about mail fraud, you can read this article: Mail Fraud), what can be done?

So, How to Get Money Back for Mail Fraud?

mail faud

In this case, your supplier’s email account is hacked, and a scammer monitors your conversations in your emails. Then he may find an opportunity to get you send your money to his bank account. Mainly, there are two ways to help us recover the loss in this case.

Method 1

1. Issue a cancellation order to the bank immediately (they can also handle it urgently during non-bank working hours when involving fraud.)

2. If the money has been remitted, call the police immediately. At the same time, notify the bank to send an urgent message to the receiving bank (scammer’s) to freeze the money.

3. If the receiving bank account is in China, you can collect relevant evidence and let your supplier help you to take them to the receiving bank of the fraud, let the bank apply for a ‘temporary stop payment ban” and temporarily freeze funds.

However, some frauds tend to use offshore bank accounts. In this case, you may need to ask the corresponding local police for help.

If the first scheme does not work and the money is still sent to the scammer’s account, then this scheme can be adopted.

Method 2

1. Immediately report to the police and bring relevant evidence to request the receiving bank (scammer’s) to freeze the customer account. It is important to note that this is not a frozen payment, but the scammer’s entire account.

2. After the account was frozen, it began to enter the judicial process. Submit evidence, ask a local court to file a case, and then freeze the scammer’s entire account until the case is resolved.

In real cases, usually, when an international businessman finds his money has been sent to a wrong bank account, it is already too late, because frauds will surely transfer the money immediately after they get it. So the best way to protect your money is to check before making payments.

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