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A Chinese business license is an important information source to survey the background of a company from China. But first, you should find ways to tell whether the business license from your “Chinese supplier” is a fake one, because it is extremely easy to forge a Chinese business license in China.

If we search the keywords “fake business license” (or “虚假营业执照”)on Baidu (China’s biggest search engine), you can get lots of news concerning fake business licenses.

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Although fake business licenses are illegal in China, they still abound. If your partner provides you with a fake business license, you may be at risk of being cheated and may suffer loss. Thus, it is important to know how to distinguish between a real and fake business license.

What Does A Fake Chinese Business License Look Like?

Following are some pictures of fake Chinese business licenses (Can you tell the difference between these fake Chinese business licenses and real ones?):




 What are the Differences Between Real and Fake Chinese Business Licenses?

  • It is difficult to tell a Chinese business license is real or fake just from its appearance, except for some special cases like:

Here, you could tell the business license is fake at a glance because of an obvious mistake in printing. In Chinese characters,  “Limited liability company” should be “有限公司” instead of ” 有很公司”.

  • Normally, the differences between the real and the fake would lie in the more detailed information, such as the non-existent Unified Social Credit Code; different registered address; fake stamp, and so on. These all need more careful distinction, otherwise it is difficult to tell.

How to Verify A Business License?

1. Check online

Click the link http://www.gsxt.gov.cn/index.html. And check the information on the home page of China National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System. If you want to know more about how to search on this website, please read the following article Unified Social Credit Code: An Introduction

You can compare the information on this website from that printed on the business license.

Example :

In this example, scammers changed the last digit of the real Unified Social Credit Code to make a false one.

2. Check by QR code

In 2014, a new version of business licenses with QR codes was introduced in China. Since then, business licenses can be checked by scanning the QR code. Just like the picture shows:

By scanning the code,  you can enter the page of the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System (the website mentioned above). Then, you can cross-check the information step by step.

In all, it is important to verify whether a business license is real or fake before starting cooperation. If you still have trouble in this aspect, feel free to contact us.

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