Compare the features of our 4 verification reports.

Basic Verification Report
Concise Credit Report
In-depth Credit Report
Exhaustive Credit Report
$29 USD
$79 USD
$179 USD
$349 USD
Turnaround Time
6-24 working hours
1 working day
1-2 working days
2-3 working days
Basic PDF Verification Report
Concise PDF Credit Report
In-depth PDF Credit Report
Exhaustive PDF Credit Report
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1. Business Registration Information
Registered Phone Number
Registered Email
Registered Website
Former Name
Commercial Registration No.
Legal Representative
Registered Capital
Paid-in Contribution
Date of Establishment
Number of Employees
Scope of Business
Key Personnel
Number of Related Enterprises
2. Change Records
Items Changed
Change Date
Before Change
After Change
3. Company Structure & Shareholders
Responsible Person
Operation Status
Records of Breaking Promises
Final Beneficiary
Name of Final Beneficiary
Shareholding Ratio
Equity Chain
Holding Enterprise
Ratio of Investment
Equity Chain
Information on Shareholders
Type of Shareholder
Amount of Investment Subscribed
Ratio of Investment
Number of Related Enterprises
Information of Suspected Actual Controller
Total Equity Ratio
Investment of the Enterprise in Other Companies
Registration No.
Company Name
Legal Representative
Registered Capital
Ratio of Investment
Operation Status
Records of Breaking Promises
Information on Legal Representative
Legal Representative’s Investment
Legal Representative’s Employment Status
4. Detailed Legal & Reputational Background
Dishonest Persons Subjected to Enforcement
Restraining Order on Daily Expenditure
Latest Legal Cases
Judicial Sale
Freezing of Equity
Police Filing Information
Abnormal Operation
Serious Violation of Law
Chattel Collateral
Administrative Penalty
Illegal Taxation
Penalty for Environmental Protection
Information on Liquidation
Land Mortgage
Simple Cancellation
Service by Publication
Announcement of Tax Arrears
5. Financial Information
Information on Annual Report
Note: Companies in China are legally allowed to choose not to publicize their financial situations, so detailed financial information is rarely available.
Tax Credit
Financing Information
6. Intellectual Property
Qualifications & Certificates
7. Customs Registration Information
Customs Registration Code
Registration Date
Validity of Customs Declaration
Customs Credit Rating
8. Related Risks
Risks about Related Persons
Risks about Related Companies
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