How to Check Whether a Chinese Company Is Legally Registered In the Customs?

Why is it necessary to check whether a Chinese company is legally registered in the customs?

Only companies with import and export qualifications have the right to engage in import and export trade. It is illegal to do import and export trade without qualifications. A Chinese company’s bank account will be frozen if it does international business without proper qualifications, which means if you trade with them, your money could be frozen in the Chinese company’s bank account.

4 steps to check if a company in China is legally registered in the customs (or has import & export qualification).

Now it’s time to show you how to search a company’s registration information in the customs online. Before starting, you need to ask your suppliers for the following information:

  • Unified social credit code

  • Enterprise name in Chinese

If you find out that it is difficult to get the Unified Social Credit Code of a certain company, you could contact us, and we will help you to find it.

Step 1: Go to the website of China Customs Import And Export Credit Information Publicity System.

The first step is to navigate to the website:

The page will look like this.

custom system

Step 2: Enter the Unified Social Credit Code.

After arriving on the website, you need to type your Chinese suppliers’ Unified Social Credit Code in the search box. If you are fluent in Chinese, inputting the company’s Chinese name in the search box can also work. 

enter the credit code

You can find the Unified Social Credit Code of a Chinese company on its business license. Just look for the Chinese characters “统一社会信用代码” on the business license of any Chinese company.

Step 3: Finish the verification process.

Before starting the search, the system will ask you to do a simple verification.

finish the process

You will see a picture with flashing letters and numbers. You need to identify the four letters and numbers in the middle (which don’t move from left to right) and fill them in the box.

verification code

Step 4Click the button on the right side.

After finishing the aforementioned steps, you need to click the search button on the right side, and then you will enter the page with a certain company’s registration information in the customs.

certain the information

If this company is legally registered in the customs, you will see a page similar to the picture which is shown below.

page like this

The information on this page includes enterprise name, unified social credit code, customs registration code, registration customs, and business type.

If this company isn’t registered in the customs, you will see a page similar to the picture which is shown below.

no data

If the company isn’t registered in the customs, it is impossible for it to do the import and export trade directly. So before starting a trade, you must pay attention to a company’s Import and Export qualification, in order to avoid doing business with dishonest companies and avoid property loss.

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