How to Check If a Chinese Company Is Legitimate

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Legitimate means conforming to the law. By this definition, a Chinese company needs more than a business license to be legit. So how to do this verification? In this article, I will introduce what certificates are needed by Chinese companies to be a legitimate business.

Verify the business license

A business license is a certificate to prove this company is registered legally in China. It is a basic certificate necessary for every type of business entity in China.

Here is an example of a business license:

copy business license

If you receive a business license like this, you could check it just by scanning the code on the lower-left corner.

However, if you receive an old version of a business license without a QR code, you have to go to the website of the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System:, and enter the registration number in the search box to acquire the business registration information. You can click here to find out how to use this system.

business information

You need to cross-check the following information to make sure a business license is real:

1. 名称 (Enterprise name): Each Chinese character should be the same.

2. 统一社会信用代码 (Registration number): Each number should be the same.

3. 住所/营业场所 (Enterprise address): The registered address and the company address should be the same.

4. 登记状态 (Company status): If this company is in the status of 吊销 (Revoked), 注销 (Cancelled), 停业 (Suspended), or 清算 (Liquidating), it means this company isn’t in a normal operating condition.

Verify the production certificates

Different from a trading company, a manufacturing company needs to have a production certificate to prove that they have acquired approval from authorities to manufacture products.

And factories producing different kinds of products may need different approval certificates such as Food Production License, Food Production License, Industrial Production License, National Compulsory Product Certification, Work Safety Standardization Certificate, or Environmental Protection Approval Certificate.

If you are working with a manufacturer in China instead of a trading company, please remember to ask for as many certificates as possible to make sure its manufacturing process is legitimate.


If you need help in checking the authenticity of these kinds of certificates, feel free to contact us.

Verify the import and export qualification

In China, only the company that has import and export qualification has the right to do business with international buyers, otherwise, this company’s bank account is likely to be frozen. So before doing business, making sure that it has real import and export qualification is also crucial.

Step 1: Ask your supplier for a registration number or business license.

Step 2: Go to the website of China Customs Import and Export Credit Information.

Publicity System:, and enter the registration number in the search box.

china import

Step 3: Finish the verification process.


Step 4: Check the information on it.

check info

Detailed steps can be found in this article in our blog.

You need to cross-check the following information:

1. 名称 (Enterprise name): Each Chinese character should be the same.

2. 统一社会信用代码 (Registration number): Each number should be the same.

Verify other certificates

Some certificates like CE certificate, ISO certificate are issued by third-party organizations prove a company‘s products comply with the standards in different areas such as the European Union, or the USA.

Without these certificates, a Chinese company cannot be considered legitimate, because their products may be considered illegal and can be detained by customs in your country. Then I will give you some examples to show you how to verify them.

CE certificate

On this certificate, there is a QR code on its lower-left corner and a website on its lower right corner.

qr code

Although scanning the code can be more convenient, sometimes it doesn’t work because of lack of clarity, going to the website to search for the information can be the most effective way.

ISO certificate

On this certificate, there is no website or QR code.

iso certificate

You can make a general judgment about the certificate by its issue date. If the date of issue is long before the company establishing date, you have to be aware that this certificate may not belong to the company. Then you can contact us, and we can help you to verify this kind of certificate.


Whether a company is legitimate or not cannot be judged by just one certificate. You will need to determine which certificates are required depending on the type of company and policies. If you find it difficult to verify these certificates, you can contact us. We are willing to help you avoid being scammed.

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