How to Check If a Company Is Registered in China

In general, there are two ways to know whether a company is legally registered in China. 1. Check via the domain name of the Chinese company’s website. Some Chinese company’s websites are filed in the China National Internet Security Management Service Platform or Government Service Platform of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. On the […]

How to Verify a Chinese Company: A Real Business License Is Not Enough

how to verify chinese company

Many clients ordered our service to help them check whether a Chinese company exists. But this is just the first step in verifying a Chinese company. Before making your final business decision, you should also check its lies or exaggerations on its website as well as its overall strength and credit background. In this article, […]

How to Check If A Company in China Is Real

chinese company real

Sometimes, we get complaints from our customers that they have been cheated by a Chinese company. However, after our investigation, it may be the case that the company does not exist in China and it is impossible to recover the loss. That is to say, it is important to check if your partner is real […]

How to Check If a Chinese Company Is Legitimate

chinese company legit

Legitimate means conforming to the law. By this definition, a Chinese company needs more than a business license to be legit. So how to do this verification? In this article, I will introduce what certificates are needed by Chinese companies to be a legitimate business. Verify the business license A business license is a certificate […]

How to Check a Chinese Company’s Registration Number

chinese company registration number

In China, a registration number can be used to search online for a lot of information about a Chinese company, such as an address, registered capital, and business scope. In addition, it is also proof of whether the company is legally registered in China. In this article, I am going to introduce how to find […]

Free Chinese Company Verification: How To Do It Yourself Online?

china company verification

Before doing business with Chinese suppliers, the most important thing is to do a background check on the target companies. Then how to verify whether a Chinese company exists for free online? You can check it from the following aspects with China’s National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System. Ask Your Chinese Supplier for a Business […]

China Company Operation Permits: More Than a Business License

In China, enterprises can only be legally established if they have the related qualification certificates, and different enterprises need different qualification certificates. Understand the qualifications required for each type of company can help you to avoid doing business with illegal enterprises. Next, I will introduce the qualifications required by trading companies and manufacturing companies in […]

How to Verify the Authenticity of Certificates on Alibaba

In order to attract buyers, some Chinese suppliers use fake certificates to prove that their products or qualifications comply with foreign buyers’ requirements. In this article, I am going to show you about common certificates on Alibaba and how to know whether this is a fake certificate. Common certificates seen on Alibaba Lab Test Report […]

Changing China Company Registration Number and How to Find It


Before the Unified Social Credit Code (or “社会统一信用代码”) was proposed, the registration number, tax number, and some other codes of enterprises were separated. What these codes look like before Registration Number In the past, the registration number could be found from the business license of a company. Example: the following picture is an old version […]

Explanations of Technical Terms in Our Report

technical term

When reading our credit reports, you may have difficulty understanding the technical terms in them. This article will explain some of the technical terms that appear in our report. Registered Capital & Paid-up Capital The registered capital is just the figure that the company declares at will when registering, not the money that has been […]