Alibaba Reviews–How to View Them Before Buying to Avoid Losses?


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There are many good and honest vendors on Alibaba that offer great products at low prices,while undesirables lurking also exit on the platform. This is a common phenomenon on any online marketplace. When we choose a supplier, some buyers’ reviews can help us quickly distinguish between good and bad suppliers. But are the reviews of buyers on Alibaba’s platforms trustworthy? How should we view buyer reviews on Alibaba platform? You can get answers from this article to help you enjoy a good shopping experience on Alibaba.

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What Is Alibaba?

Alibaba is one of the largest B2B online marketplaces and, of course, you’re probably familiar with this already, so I won’t go into more detail here. If you want to know more about Alibaba, please refer to these articles about Alibaba:

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Common Types of Bad Reviews on Alibaba

At present, there are more than 15 million active suppliers on Alibaba and it is impossible for Alibaba to sort out the good suppliers and the bad ones. In general, many consumers tend to decide whether the supplier is reliable or not through bad reviews. Following are some common types of Alibaba bad reviews you may see on Alibaba.

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Poor Quality

Receiving poor quality goods is the biggest reason for people leave bad reviews on Alibaba. However, most quality problems can be easily prevented by conducting quality inspections before shipment. If you have a large order, quality inspection can save you the time and money needed to return the inferior products.

poor quality

Late Delivery

late delivery

When working with wholesale suppliers in China, you should have a general understanding of the whole cycle. In general, products take 1-4 months to make and a month or more to ship. To summarize, it can take six months or more for a large order from Alibaba!

If you are placing an order on Alibaba and want to receive your product on time, make sure you sign an agreement with the vendor about an extension in case of delays.

Damaged Products

poor package

In some cases, the products you receive may be damaged in transit by sea or air. If this happens, Alibaba will not refund your money as the shipment is in good condition, regardless of whether you have a trade guarantee or not. In order to avoid the possibility of your goods being damaged in transit, it is your responsibility to contact your suppliers and ask them to pack your products properly to prevent any damage caused by poor package.

Counterfeit Goods

fake product

If any Alibaba supplier is trying to sell you Nike, LV, Gucci, etc., it must be fake. Never trust any supplier to sell you a genuine branded product. The best way to fight against counterfeits is to conduct a background check on the supplier to see if the supplier is legally authorized.

Trade Assurance

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In general, your order will be protected when you pay with Alibaba trade assurance. If you do not receive your goods or the supplier does not deliver the quality you expect, Alibaba will initiate a dispute with your supplier and mediate on your behalf. This process does eventually work to protect you although it may take a long time, often months or more. Remember, never deal off the platform with suppliers, or you will not be protected.

Wrong Product


Some vendors will make false propaganda about their products, and you may receive a product that is not exactly what the supplier described. If the value of your order is large, it is recommended to conduct quality inspection before shipment.

How Should You View Alibaba Reviews?

If there are bad reviews, there will also be good reviews, so how should we take these reviews to avoid an unhappy buying experience from Alibaba? Following are some tips for you.

Don’t Be Fooled By Good Reviews

Some suppliers will spend money on brushing orders and good reviews in order to improve their ratings. If you find that many of the comments are similar or even the same, then you need to be aware that the comments are meaningless and don’t be misled. Just like the picture shows.

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Be Rational About Bad Reviews

Bad reviews from buyers do allow you to cut out some of the unqualified suppliers, but if you find that some of the reviews are highly personal and don’t match the reviews from other buyers, then you need to re-evaluate in case you missed out on a suitable supplier. For example:

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Note the Number of Reviews

The more reviews there are about the product, the better you’ll know if the product is worth buying. If there are only one or two reviews, then the reference value is not much. You’d better conduct a background check on the supplier if you are not sure whether you can cooperate with the supplier or not.


Learning to view buyer reviews correctly on Alibaba can help you find reliable supplier to avoid losses. Any questions about this topic will be appreciated . Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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