Who We Are

We are a Chinese company credit checking agency based in Suzhou, China.

Our team leaders are experienced veterans from law firms, international trading companies, and translation service companies.

Our due diligence checks are supported by Beijing Zone & Tone Law Firm run by our founder’s family.

Meet Our Team



Chief Executive Officer

9 years of experience in Suzhou Hengxiang Import & Export Co., Ltd.


Inspection Director

5 years of experience in Patent Examination Cooperation Center of CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration)



Translation Director

8 years of experience in Shanghai SISU Translation Service Co., Ltd.



Chief Operating Officer

11 years of experience in Beijing Zone & Tone Law Firm



Chief Marketing Officer


Chief Technical Officer


Chief Editor


Customer Service Manager

Why We Started This Business

In our past jobs, we found many problems concerning Chinese companies in international trade.

Chinese companies often lie or exaggerate but you don’t know

They may pretend to be other companies, use fake certificates, exaggerate their size and capability, close down during business with you, change their name after being exposed as a scammer, etc.

Chinese companies may not have enough respect to contracts.

China hasn’t established a solid social credit system, and many dishonest businessmen still lead a normal life. Loopholes still abound in Chinese laws to this day. That’s why China is planning to “build the rule of law (2020 – 2025)”.

Collecting accurate information about a Chinese company is challenging.

One has to go over more than 100 government databases to gather all information necessary for a full-scope China company background check.

Credit background checks are expensive for SMEs.

Most professional law firms charge more than 15, 000 US Dollars for one single due diligence check. Many credit checking agencies in the world charge around 600 dollars for one credit report of a Chinese company.

How We Can Help You

We figure out ways to deliver verification reports starting at just $29 USD in as short as 6 working hours.

  • We break the information collecting and editing job into 57 specific tasks, training our credit report editors to focus on their respective task to acquire maximum efficiency.
  • We adopt APIs to automate some of the information collecting and screening tasks.
  • We hire professional legal translators to take charge of the difficult parts in our reports, leaving the easy parts to general English major graduates.

We cross-check every possible Chinese government database to ensure you get the most accurate information.

By doing so, we are able to offer you our highly accurate exhaustive credit report covering 13 general aspects and 76 specific aspects of a Chinese company.

We offer free ongoing monitoring service to help you react faster when anything important happens to your Chinese supplier.

We keep updating our own increasingly-extensive database of Chinese companies every day, so that we can inform you of any change to a Chinese company as soon as possible.

You can go to China’s National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System to check a company’s basic registration information for free. Here is a guide on how to use this system.

So Why Choose Us If You Can Do It Yourself For Free

Accurate data from trustworthy legal sources to help you save time and money.

Our verification/credit reports aggregate data from more than 100 Chinese government websites including the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People’s Republic of China (SAIC), the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System (NECIPS), China Judgements Online (CJO), National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC (NIPA), China Executive Information Disclosure Network, Databases of Municipal, Provincial and National Courts, and information captured from our own increasingly-extensive database of Chinese companies.

Before compiling a credit report, we go through all these websites and databases to help you find every detail of a Chinese company. Supported by the experienced law firm run by our founder’s family, our credit inspectors are professionally trained to collect and edit all information for China company due diligence in a quick and precise manner.

Also, equipped with special APIs, some of the necessary information can be collected automatically, thus further reducing the time needed. In this case, we can deliver an exhaustive China company credit report (which contains 13 chapters, 76 specific aspects of a Chinese company) in as short as 1 working day.

Extra check about lies and exaggerations on a Chinese company’s website and Alibaba page.

Sometimes, as non-Chinese speakers, international buyers just cannot see the obvious lies or exaggerations on websites of Chinese companies, such as factory pictures, certificates or logos of other companies. The same thing can happen to invoices or receipts of Chinese companies where they blatantly use fake stamps or fake Chinese names. 

These can be easily found by us from Chinese characters on these images, especially when we are armed with the biggest and ever-growing database of Chinese companies. An extra look by us may help you avoid frauds more easily.

Free one-year notification service about any sudden change to your Chinese supplier.

Anyone ordering a concise credit report or a more expensive report can get this free notifying service. Only ongoing monitoring of a Chinese company’s credit profile can ensure you remain informed of the risks, especially when you are going to work with a China company for several months or even years. We have seen clients whose Chinese supplier got its company revoked by authorities during business with them. 

We keep updating our database of Chinese companies every day, so we can send you email alerts about any change to your supplier in one working day. When your Chinese supplier is involved in new legal cases, get penalized by authorities, get its properties frozen, or officially listed as a dishonest person, you should start to consider the influences on the partnership between you two.

A lifetime friend in China.

Sometimes, international buyers just don’t know enough about China. By this, we don’t just mean China policies. You may not know when your supplier is going on a holiday. 

If you are coming to China, you may need advice on where to find proper food or lodging. You may want to know if it is safe to walk around on Chinese streets in the middle of the night. These may seem trivial details, but any one of them can cause you trouble or frustration. 

You can ask us anything about China no matter you order our credit reports or not, and we will try our best to help you in every waking hour.

Become our client, and one of us will be ready to become your lifetime friend in China. Don’t mind if it is the middle of the night. We will answer your questions about China in every waking hour. Try asking us about the favorite kind of meat in China. 😊

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