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Although Made-in-China cannot compete with Alibaba in terms of suppliers and services, Made-in-China still has its own advantages as a top five supplier platform. This article is a comprehensive introduction to Made-in-China, so that you can have a better choice when choosing suppliers.

What Is Made-in-China?

Made in China is a B2B wholesale platform registered and launched in 1998, earlier than the industry giant- Alibaba. They have over 40 million product listings in 27 different industries and are capable of providing industrial machines, automatic assembly lines, green energy products, etc.


What Are the Advantages of Using Made-in-China?

Specificized Product Categories

Different from Alibaba, which focuses on light industry and daily necessities, such as clothing and textile, electronics, gifts, bags, etc., Made-in-China mainly focuses on heavy industry supplies, such as machinery, building materials, hardware, etc., which are MIC’s advantageous industries. That is to say, if you are looking for suppliers related to heavy industry, contruction and so on, then Made-in-China is a better choice than Alibaba.

Upgraded Membership Benefits

Made-in-china will provide a series of humanized services centering on its members. After filling out the basic information, everyone can become a first-class member. As the level of membership rises, the benefits of membership will increase. And all membership is free.

Star Buyer Membership

If you are not a professional buyer, then star buyer membership is enough for you. You just need to update basic business information to become a star buyer. Star buyers can enjoy a free STS (Secure Trading Service) payment for one time. The 9th of each month is the membership day, when they can get coupons, change credits for price and request free samples.

Diamond Club Membership

If you are a professional buyer, you can apply to enter the Diamond Club. In addition to enjoying the rights and interests of the star buyer mentioned above, you can also enjoy one-to-one procurement services, a live cloud tour of your target factory, and a personal procurement assistant to provide 24-hour customized services. The premise is that your company purchases more than 5 million dollars a year.

Smart Expo

Due to the impact of COVID-19, many offline exhibitions cannot be held. In order to facilitate foreign buyers, Made-in-China launched Smart Expo. In Smart Expo, buyers can experience offline exhibition functions without going to China, such as direct contact with suppliers, digital signing and so on. Following are some features of Smart Expo.


3D Showroom

Different from the flat exhibition way of online shopping malls, here samples are displayed in a 3D virtual showroom which is convenient for buyers to view samples in an all-round way.

Face to Face Communication

Just like offline exhibitions, they provide face-to-face communication opportunities for buyers and sellers. Each exhibitor can communicate with purchasers in their own meeting room. Online meeting rooms allow suppliers to receive multiple buyers at the same time, and also allow suppliers and buyers to have one-on-one conversations in private meeting rooms to protect the trade secrets of both parties.

360° View of the Factory

Through offline real scene shooting and digital processing, enterprises and factories are intuitively displayed in front of buyers, which is convenient for buyers to conduct factory inspection.

Multilingual Translation

Provide multi-language instant translation function to reduce language barriers.

How Does Made-in-China Differ From Other B2B Platforms?

Here, take the well-known Alibaba and Global Sources as examples.




Made-in-China: All the suppliers are Chinese.

Alibaba: There are suppliers not only from China, but also from Vietnam, India and other countries.

Product Category

Made-in-China: Mainly for heavy industries and construction including

  • Machinery
  • Electronics
  • Industrial equipment
  • Construction
  • Auto & MC Products
  • Sporting goods
  • Agriculture

Alibaba: Mainly for light industries and consumer goods including

  • Consumer electronics
  • Packaging & printing
  • Lights and lightening
  • Apparel
  • Beauty and personal care products
  • Mobile phones
  • Gifts, sports, and toys
  • Bags, shoes and other accessories

Escrow Payment

Made-in-China: The Escrow payment provided by Made-in-China is called STS (Secure Trading Service), but it is not free. You need to pay for the service, ranging from $29.99 to $89.99. And it depends on your order value.

Alibaba: The Escrow payment provided by Alibaba is called Trade Assurance, and it is free.

Global Sources


Product Category

Different from Made-in-China, the suppliers of Global Sources have strong strength in

  • Mobile electronics
  • Fashion accessories
  • Home and gift items


Made-in-China: The suppliers of this platform are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, so MOQ is negotiable. Global Sources: The entry threshold is high, and the suppliers with a certain scale, good foreign trade ability and international consciousness are gathered together, but the MOQ here is relatively higher.

Tips for Finding Reliable Suppliers on Made-in-China?

Find Suppliers with Audited Supplier Symbol

The presence of this mark in the supplier’s profile indicates that the supplier has been audited by a third party testing entity such as SGS or TOV. You may get the following information about the verified suppliers:

  • Business License
  • Main product images and specifications
  • Certificates & qualification
  • Factory images

Filter among Diamond Grade Suppliers

Though Diamond Grade Supplier does not necessarily mean that it is a good supplier, because you only need to pay Made-in-China to get the title, but it is still more reliable than non-grade Suppliers since at least these companies have bought the membership, and they are all legally registered companies.


Conduct Company Background Check

The safest bet is to do a thorough background check with a third party like SinoInspection. Because the third-party organization verification of Made-in-China can only prove that this is a legally registered company, but it does not verify whether these suppliers are really manufacturers rather than trading companies, whether the certificates provided are real and so on.


Don’t just find suppliers on Alibaba, learn how to take advantage of Made-in-China and you may find something unexpected. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us for help.

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