How to Deal with A Failed Quality Inspection?

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Buyers all want to import high quality products from China, but how to guarantee? The answer is quality inspection. Inspection is a tedious process and not all products can pass quality inspection. In this article, I will share with you what are the common reasons for a failed quality inspection and how to deal with it.

When Should You Do Quality Inspection?

Should you only do quality inspection after all the products are finished? Not necessary. Though many importers choose to do pre- shipment quality inspection, actually, the quality inspection should start when you receive your first sample from the suppliers. When you pay attention to your supplier’s product quality, you should develop a checklist for your products and share it with your inspector, so the products you received can better meet your standard.



What Leads to A Failed Quality Inspection?

A quality inspection may fail for various reasons. The following are some common causes.

Poor Quality

The workmanship of the product is rough and can not meet the expected requirements.

Miss Labelling

Labels on products are misleading or do not label product information in line with relevant regulations.

Bad Packaging

The product is not packaged in accordance with the buyer’s requirements, or the packaging of the product is too crude to ensure that the product will not be damaged in transit.

Function Issue

Some functional products can not achieve the desired effect during performance testing, and some functions can not operate normally or can not meet the requirements.

Specifications Defects

There are small defects in the product, which may be deviations from the standard color, size, thickness of the product and so on, but it does not affect the function of the product.

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How to Deal With A Failed Quality Inspection?

If the product fails the quality inspection, you can take the following steps.

Negotiate with Your Supplier

When the product actually fails the inspection, you should negotiate with your supplier what they could do to make it right. In general, they can do the following two things:


The first thing they can do is to rework, that is to deal with the minor issues like surface scratch or dirty packaging. All they need to do is to repair the products to meet your standard.


If the product can’t be repaired, then you can require replacement. It is a more costly approach. The supplier needs to put more raw materials to put the product back to the production line and reproduce the products. This is a very costly remedy for the supplier, thus you may get a lot of resistance.

Conduct In-process Inspection

To save time and prevent your supplier from repairing or reproducing a product that still does not meet your requirements, it is recommended that you can conduct an In-process inspection to ensure corrections are made in the right direction.

Keep the Balance Payment Before Re-inspect

Your supplier will take the necessary steps to resolve all issues as soon as possible. But you have to make sure that the goods are inspected again before shipment. Only after the product passes the quality inspection can you start to pay the balance . And that is why your supplier actively cooperates with you to solve the problem.

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Final Tips

To deal with the failed inspection, you need to deal with it before it fails. Here are some tips for you to protect your interests.

Less Down Payment

Never pay more than 30% down payment. When you pay 50% or even 100% down payment, if the inspection fails, and your suppliers refues to help you solve the problems, you have no leverage for negotiation.

Clarify Your Requirements on Your Purchase Order

You need to clearly convey your requirements if the inspection fails on your purchase order. For example, when the inspection fails, your shipment is inevitably delayed. If you want to demand a delay penalty, you should write it down on your purchase order. Or who should pay for the second inspection? You can write everything you want your supplier to do for failed inspection on your purchase order.

Always Hire A Third-party Inspection Agent

You can trust your supplier but you shouldn’t trust your supplier’s inspection report. Even though your suppliers suggest that they can send you inspection photos and inspection videos to save your inspection costs, you still can’t do that since you can’t ensure whether they will cheat you or not. If you want to run your business like a business, remember to hire a third-party inspection agent to check the product for you.

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Quality inspection is an important process to ensure your product quality, though it may fail for different reasons. If you are interested in this topic, please contact us for more information.

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