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We help check the credit backgrounds of Chinese companies
inspect product quality and source suppliers.

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About us

Company Inspection Agency is a Chinese company credit checking agency based in Suzhou, China.

We support overseas businesses by verifying companies in China, facilitating the due diligence that any business should conduct when considering a business partner in China.


Company Verification Services

Before making serious business decisions, you should first verify the legitimacy of a Chinese company, check its reputation and credit background, verify its licenses and certificates to make sure you are not working with a fraud.


To eliminate obvious liars and scammers. Check whether a Chinese company is legally registered; verify its business license; cross-check its business registration information with what is said on its website, or what it told you.

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Basic Verification Report
Concise Verification Report


We have seen scammers change their registration information to hide themselves. This report includes verification of company structure, shareholders information, change records and overall credit rating.

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In addition to everything in the concise credit report, this report includes the verification of whether a company is involved in too many lawsuits, useful in checking if it frequently has disputes over contracts, or is a constant infringer of intellectual properties. More importantly, you can see whether this company is officially listed as a dishonest person subject to law enforcement.

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Indepth Verification Report
Exhaustive Verification Report 1


Everything can be found about a Chinese company from all possible sources. Credit rating, company structure, lawsuits, status on the official list of dishonest persons, administrative penalties, trademarks, patents, import & export registration information, risks about persons and companies related to this company.

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Product Inspection Service


After making the final choice of your supplier, you should still pay attention to its product quality. We can send engineers to your supplier’s factory to inspect product quality during the manufacturing process, and before shipment.

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Quality Inspection

Product & Supplier Sourcing

Quality Inspection


The exhausting process of sourcing a qualified supplier for your desired products increases unnecessary costs to your business. Traditional trading companies who are familiar with the situation in China may help you save time in finding a right manufacturer but they usually sell products to you with huge mark-ups. Here at SinoInspection, we can help you source suppliers and products from China, keep your products in our warehouse for free, take photography of products, customize the labels, and arrange shipment to your own warehouse or directly to your customers. We do not make profits from price differences. We simply charge you service fees.

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The Current Landscape Of Chinese Companies

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As of 2021

- 28,314.739 Companies.
- 4.249,181 Manufacturing companies.
- 1,764,841 Companies with import & export qualifications.
- 5,775,854 Companies with administrative penalty records.


How We Do The Chinese Company Credit Checking

Concise Verification Report

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Clients Trust Us

Clients around the world rely on our reports into Chinese companies
in order to conduct their business with confidence.


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