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Most Chinese suppliers lie. Avoid scams and unreliable middlemen. Know who you're working with.

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What Our Clients Say

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Charles Martin

As a 12-year veteran importer, I am very impressed with the speed, high-quality and client-centricity of SinoInspection’s service.

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Arun Kumar

Because of SinoInspection, I was able to bypass middlemen and saved nearly 20%. This meant a lot since my order quantity was very large.

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Dylan Crockart

SinoInspection is a great helper when importing from China. With their assistance in every key step of importing, the risk can be reduced to minimal.


Many suppliers bend the truth or blatantly lie to deceive overseas clients. They use several strategies to force higher prices from overseas customers. Due to Alibaba’s size, it cannot effectively police such behavior. Therefore, importers should complete a background check on any company they partner with.

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Most Alibaba suppliers order their products via (the Chinese version of Alibaba) and add large markups to a western audience. is hard for a non-chinese audience to operate, so the true cost of items is hidden to them.

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Crooked suppliers often switch materials in the manufacturing process to save money. They also ship damaged goods to customers who cannot easily return them due to sea freight charges. To safeguard against this, quality inspections services are a standard protocol for professional importers.

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A good supplier is credible, honest, and can work to your tailored needs. Finding a supplier is a time consuming and costly process: months of messages, product samples, company investigations etc. Wouldn’t it be great you can find a good supplier in only a few days?

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